Board of the organization

The Board consists of seven individuals whose task is planning and management of the organization. Сurrent board members are all of Ukrainian origin,  some have lived in Sweden for a long time while others have just recently arrived for studies. They come from different parts of Ukraine, and represent various professional fields, including programmers, researchers, educators, economists, journalists, etc.

Duties of the Board:

– Ensure that the organisation operates well and develops,
– Plan, direct and coordinate organisation’s activities,
– Distribute work and responsibilities within the organisation,
– Manage the administrative tasks,
– Organize members’ meetings,
– Manage the organisation’s economy,
– Recruit new members.

Within the Board, we have different responsibilities and duties. If you would like to contact anyone specific within the board, you can select his/her name in the contact form.


Andriy Kachur

Chairman and spokesperson


Iryna Gnatenko


Mariia Smushkova

Responsible for projects


Yarko Khimiak



Maksym Girnyk

Responsible for IT & Web

Glib Skvortsov,

Responsible for projects

Maksym Moneta

Responsible for projects

Anastasia Kostashenko

Responsible for projects

Taras Kucherenko

Responsible for projects