Everyone who wants to contribute to the organization’s mission and is between 16 and 35 years old can become a member of the Ukrainian Youth in Sweden, regardless of nationality, social status, religion, political beliefs or sexual orientation.

If you are over 35 you can become a supporting member, which means that you will have the same rights as ordinary members, except for the right to vote during annual meetings, being selected to the board, and to represent the organization externally.

To become a member of the Ukrainian Youth in Sweden all you need to do is to pay a membership fee of 50 SEK per year and be approved as a member by the board. As a member, you can participate in all the activities and take an active role in the organization’s development.

As a member of the Ukrainian Youth in Sweden, you have:

  • the right to participate in meetings and other gatherings organized for members,
  • the right to vote and to be selected as a chairman or board member during the annual meetings,
  • the right to regularly receive information about the affairs of the organization,
  • access to discounted prices on the events organized by the organization,
  • the opportunity to take part in training courses and camps organized by the association “Vi Unga”,
  • the opportunity to participate in international meetings and gatherings,
  • the opportunity for contact and collaboration with other organizations,
  • the possibility of exchanging experiences and knowledge,
  • the possibility of initiating and implementing own ideas within the organization.

 How to become a member?

Fill in your details in the application below and deposit 50 SEK on the organization’s bank account, Handelsbanken: 280-8228. NOTE! Do not forget to write your name in the message box when you pay. Otherwise pay 50 SEK in cash to a board member at one of the organization’s gatherings or events. Once the registration is done, you will receive a confirmation sent to your email address.

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